Here are Some Things You Might Have Missed

As 2019 comes to a close, we have a chance to catch our breath and reflect on the previous 12 months. So, I thought I would take a bit of time to share with you some items you might have missed during your busy year. In addition, because some readers have asked about my ongoing battle with cancer, I also want to take this opportunity to update you on my personal situation.

Top 100: Charity Industry Influencers:

One news item in 2019 that might not have caught your attention was the publication of Onalytica’s list of “Top 100: Charity Industry Influencers.” The Onalytica algorithm ranked me number 16 in the world! I found that exciting and, frankly, just a bit scary. I’ll have to be even more careful about what I say. 🙂

Top Blog Posts:

Because I recognize that you can’t read everything that crosses your desk, I’ve put together a list of my top ten most-popular posts published in 2019 in case you’ve missed any of them:

I Told You So: Charitable Giving is Up!

How to Stop Offending Your Women Donors

High Fundraiser Turnover Rate Remains a Problem

Are Donors Abandoning You, Or Are You Abandoning Them?

Do You Want to Know the Latest, Greatest Fundraising Idea?

Do Not Fall for Newsweek’s Fake News!

3 Reasons Why Your Year-End Fundraising Will Fail

Who are Your Best Planned Giving Prospects?

Know When to Stop Asking for Money

Inspired by Lady Gaga: 10 Ways to be a Fundraising Genius

Here’s a list of five of my older posts that remained popular in 2019:

Here is One Word You Should Stop Using

Can You Spot a Child Molester? Discover the Warning Signs

Can a Nonprofit Return a Donor’s Gift?

5 Things Never to Do in Your Phone Fundraising Calls

Impact of Nonprofit Sector: More Than Most People Think

I invite you to read any posts that might interest you by clicking on the title above. You can also search this blog by topic using the site’s search function (either in the right column or below).

Blog Site Recognition:

Over the years, I’ve been honored to have my blog recognized by respected peers. I’m pleased that, among the thousands of nonprofit and fundraising sites, my blog continues to be ranked as a “Top 75 Fundraising Blog” – Feedspot, “Top Fundraising Blog” – Garecht Fundraising Associates, and “10 Fundraising Blogs You’ll Love” – Stelter.

To make sure you don’t miss any of my future posts, please take a moment to subscribe to this site for free in the designated spot in the column to the right (or, on mobile platforms, below). You can subscribe with peace of mind knowing that I will respect your privacy. As a special bonus for you as a new subscriber, I’ll send you a link to a free e-book from philanthropy researcher Russell James, JD, PhD, CFP®.

Articles in AFP’s Magazine, Advancing Philanthropy:

In 2019, I was pleased to have three of my articles published in Advancing Philanthropy, the official magazine of the Association of Fundraising Professionals:

“The Fight to End Poverty: What Every Charity Needs to Know”

“To Sir/Madam, With Love”

“Ethics, Fundraising, and Leadership: Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Fundraising”

Best-selling Book — Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing:

This year was also another wonderful year for my book, Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing. The book continues to be a highly-rated Amazon bestseller. Winner of the AFP/Skystone Partners Prize for Research in Fundraising and Philanthropy and listed on the official CFRE International Resource Reading List, it continues to be a relevant resource for fundraisers who want to start or grow a successful planned giving program.

Special LinkedIn Discussion Group:

To make finding interesting blog posts by others a bit easier, you might want to join the LinkedIn Discussion Group I created: Blog Posts for Fundraising Pros & Nonprofit Managers.

This is a LinkedIn Group for blog authors and the fundraising professionals and nonprofit managers who read them. Bloggers can promote their latest posts and readers can easily find those that interest them most and engage in thoughtful conversation, all in one place. This site provides a welcoming environment for blog authors where they can freely promote their posts. It is also a safe place for readers who may not want to subscribe to multiple blog sites but who want to easily scan the great information that is available across blogs.

Where Readers Reside:

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you and all of my readers. I’m pleased to know that I have readers from around the world. While I certainly appreciate all of my readers, I thought it would be interesting to look, beyond the United States, to see my top five countries for readership:

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. India
  4. Australia
  5. Philippines

Feedback from Readers:

Just as I value all of my readers, I also greatly appreciate those who take the time to “Like” my posts, share my posts, Tweet my posts, re-blog my posts, and comment on my posts. Writing is a rather lonely activity. So, I particularly enjoy it when folks comment, even if I don’t necessarily agree. I like the conversations. I welcome the additional insights. I appreciate being made to think a bit more deeply. I invite all of my readers to join the conversation.

If there’s a topic you’d like to see me address in  2020, please let me know. I take requests. A number of my posts in 2019 were inspired by reader requests and inquiries. So, let me hear from you. I’m here to help you.

Speaking Engagements:

If you’d like to hear me present a seminar, Follow me on Twitter and look for my announcements regarding upcoming speaking engagements and webinars. If you’d like to have me as a speaker for your professional group or nonprofit organization, please contact me to discuss how I can create a program to meet your specific needs.

Personal Health Update:

Now, because many people have asked about my health situation, I’ll take this opportunity to share a personal update. Just over five years ago, I was diagnosed with an exceedingly rare, slowly progressing cancer: Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP). It’s the disease that killed actor Audrey Hepburn. One does not beat or eradicate this cancer. Instead, one manages it and lives with it for as long as possible. So far, I’ve had two 14-hour surgeries and two related, though less dramatic, surgeries. I’ve also had extensive periods of chemotherapy treatment to hold the cancer in check.

After receiving chemo throughout 2019, my cancer was sufficiently stable for me to take a chemo break beginning in late November. If my late January CT Scan shows that the cancer is remaining stable, my chemo break will be extended another three months.

In addition to the traditional treatments (e.g., surgery and chemo), I’ve recently added two complementary treatments. I’m receiving regular Mistletoe Extract injections. This well-researched complementary therapy is commonly used in Europe to combat chemo side-effects, make chemo more effective, and fight the cancer directly. In addition, I’m taking massive doses of Melatonin which research shows has cancer fighting properties. Both of these treatments are medically supervised.

The bottom line at this point, though it varies somewhat day-to-day, is that I’m doing well and making the most of my personal and professional time. If you or a loved one have PMP, please feel free to contact me if you want to talk. For anyone interested in learning more about my journey, just search this blog for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. I’ve been open about my experience in the hope that it will be of some help to others.

How Can I Help You Be More Successful?

For 2020, I’m accepting a limited number of new clients and speaking engagements. If I can be of any assistance to you, I invite you to contact me. As a “Top 25 Fundraising Expert,” my areas of specialization include planned gift marketing, telephone fundraising, annual funds, ethics, and staff and board trainings.

Finally, I wish you and yours a joyous, healthy, successful 2020.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

10 Comments to “Here are Some Things You Might Have Missed”

  1. Have a wonderful 2020, Michael. Thanks for all you do! Cheers, Erica

  2. Great to hear how well you are doing Michael! Keep up the great work. Here’s hoping for stable scans early in 2020 and beyond.

  3. Michael, I’m one of your readers from Canada. Glad to see that there are many others in Canada reading your posts. Thank you for sharing openly about your health. I’m glad that you are feeling reasonably well. I hope this continues and even improves. May 2020 be your best year yet!

    • Rich, thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I appreciate your kind message and good wishes. By the way, Canada holds a special place in my heart. In the late 1800s, my great-grandparents and their children could not gain entrance to the USA. Instead, they lived in Toronto for a year before finally being permitted admittance to the USA where they eventually settled in Philadelphia. If it were not for the kindness of Canadians, I might not be writing my posts from Philly today.

  4. Ditto what Erica and Brian said!

  5. Michael, I always enjoy seeing your comments pop up in the inbox! You are a thought leader and much appreciated. Wishing and praying for all the best with your health issues.

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