Special Report: Top 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants Identified

Finding the right fundraising consultant can be challenging. However, that task has become a bit easier with the recent release from The Business of Giving of a list of “America’s Top 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants.”

Michael Chatman

Michael Chatman

Michael Chatman, host of #WHYiGIVE and one of the most listened-to voices in philanthropy and social innovation with more than 245,000 followers on Twitter, compiled the list by asking 250 leaders of charitable organizations to rank the most effective fundraising consultants.

I’m honored to be included on this year’s list alongside legendary figures in the fundraising profession. While I strive to keep Michael Rosen Says… virtually commercial-free, I’m posting the Top 40 list as a service to my readers.

For information about my services, please visit my business website: mlinnovations.com. If you’re interested in considering me as a speaker for your organization or professional association, I invite you to contact me.

With Chatman’s permission, here’s the list of “America’s Top 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants” along with links to their websites:

1. Jon Duschinsky – www.theconversationfarm.co

2. Sandy Macnab – www.alexandermacnab.com

3. Leslie Biggins Mollsen – www.acb-inc.com

4. Joshua Birkholz – www.bwf.com

5. Robert Kissane – www.ccsfundraising.com

6. Corrine Servily – www.faircomny.com

7. Robert Greenwood – www.thegreenwoodcompany.com

8. Kathryn Banakis – www.donorscape.com

9. John Cash – www.martsandlundy.com

10. Tracy Ritson – www.miratelinc.com

11. Deborah Montgomery – www.grantwriters.net

12. Norman Gildin – www.strategicfundraisinggroup.com

13. Spencer Perlman – www.wscdc.com

14. David King – www.fundraisingcounsel.com

15. Penelope Burk – www.cygresearch.com

16. Adrian Sargeant – www.studyfundraising.com

17. Howard Stevenson – www.gettingtogiving-fundraising.com

18. Jerold Panas – www.jeroldpanas.com

19. Tom Ahern – www.aherncomm.com

20. Diane Remin – www.majordonors.com

21. Nell Edgington – www.socialvelocity.net

22. Gail Perry – www.gailperry.com

23. Leslie Crutchfield – www.fsg.org

24. Simone Joyaux – www.simonejoyaux.com

25. Gordon Jay Frost – www.fundraisinginfo.com

26. Larry C. Johnson – www.megraceassociates.com

27. Kris Putnam-Walkerly – www.putnamcic.com

28. Peter Drury – www.dzostrategists.com

29. Penelope Cagney – www.thecagneycompany.com

30. Lori Jacobwith – www.lorijacobwith.com

31. Tony Martignetti – www.mpgadv.com

32. Tammy Zonker – www.tammyzonker.com

33. Ted Hart – www.P2Fundraising.org

34. Tania Little – www.ideatephilanthropy.com

35. Pamela Grow – www.pamelagrow.com

36. Michael Rosen – www.mlinnovations.com

37. Amy Eisenstein – www.tripointfundraising.com

38. Marc Pitman – www.fundraisingcoach.com

39. Andrea Kihlstedt – www.askingmatters.com

40. Val Porter – http://atlantablog.foundationcenter.org/


That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

UPDATE (June 24, 2016): I’m honored to report that  I have been named to another list: “America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts.”  

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22 Responses to “Special Report: Top 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants Identified”

  1. Congratulations for making the list, Michael!!

  2. I’m pleased (but not surprised) to see that you made the list, Michael. CONGRATULATIONS! Your thoughtful approach to fundraising, with an emphasis on being donor-centric, is clearly translating to success for your clients.

  3. Hey, way to go!  Very proud of you!



  4. Congratulations, my friend. You are in good company. I am happy to say that I am connected to a number of those on the list in one way or another. I will be sharing this post with local nonprofit resources in my new/old home. One day, I hope I will be joining you in this group. It is a goal worth striving for.

  5. Congrats, Michael! You’re one of the legends among us. Hat tip to you! See you next year at AFP?

    • Peter, thanks much and, since you also made the list, congratulations to you! Regarding the AFP International Conference, I’ll give you the consultant’s official response: It depends. 🙂 I’d love to be there. We’ll see if it’s in the cards for 2014. It would be great to catch up with you in the 3-D world.

  6. Having trouble making the link to Peter Drury and DZO Strategists? Similarly for Ted Hart and P2Fundraising? Similarly for Tania Little and ideatephilanthropy?

  7. Do these consultants serve non profits from Africa, specifically Kenya?


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