What Do You Want to Read?

It’s been just over six months since I started my blog, Michael Rosen Says…. I thought this might be a good point to share some interesting information with you about what I’ve seen so far. And, more importantly, I thought it would be a good time to ask, “What do you say?” Yes, every week I ask for your opinion about my latest blog post. I thank all of you who have shared your thoughts. However, now I want your feedback, not about a specific post, but about my blog site in general.  Your input now will help ensure that I can spend the rest of the year providing you with the material that will be most meaningful to you.

Over the past six months, readership has steadily grown. I’ve received terrific comments to my various posts, here on the blog itself and on Twitter, email, and various LinkedIn groups. Folks have been almost universally thoughtful, insightful, and courteous. In just over six months, there has only been one comment that I have refused to publish due to its uncivil tone.

Based on the number of readers for each post, my five most popular posts have been:

I’m gratified that all of the top five most popular posts are about being donor centered. As the author of Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing, recently added to CFRE International’s official Resource Reading List, being donor centric is near and dear to my heart. Thank you for appreciating this theme as well.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my posts, I encourage you to subscribe (Email Subscription) on the right. This way you’ll be one of the first to find out when a new post has been added. And, while I normally publish and promote one blog post per week, I periodically will publish a bonus post for subscribers that will not be widely promoted.

I hope you’ll take just a few moments to share your thoughts with me through the 10-question Reader Survey by clicking on the button below to access the Surveydaddy pop-up. I also invite you to leave me a comment below or, if you’d prefer, feel free to email or call me.

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Thank you for your time and your interest.

That’s what Michael Rosen Says… What do you say?

UPDATE: August 1, 2011, New in the Top Five

Since I wrote the above post on Thursday night, there’s been a change in the ranking of my top five most read blog posts. 9 Fundraising Tips You Can Learn from a Savvy 7-year-old has now displaced What Can Fundraising Professionals Learn from L.L. Bean? in the number five spot. While I won’t continually update this list, I thought I would provide this revision since it’s just days after the original list was posted.

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