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May 4, 2012

It’s Party Time!

I’m conflicted about nonprofit special events. 

On the one hand, organizations are often fuzzy about the objectives behind a special event. Staff is often not quite sure if the event is to raise money and, if so, how much? Or, is the event to attract media attention? Is it to build new relationships? You get the idea. Also, events require a great deal of effort, often for only a modest monetary return even if the objective was specifically to bring in the dollars.

On the other hand, I recognize that special events can indeed raise much needed dollars. And, events can raise awareness and develop or redevelop vital relationships.

The bottom-line for me is that nonprofit special events can be worthwhile if they are carefully planned and implemented. And, a healthy dose of creativity doesn’t hurt, either.

That brings me to an event that caught my eye during my weekly routine-reading of The Jewish Exponent. I was turning the page when I came across an advertisement. The ad only took up about two-fifths of a page. Yet, two things immediately jumped out. Across the top of the ad, a banner stated, “Special Alumni Offer.” In the body of the ad, the boldfaced headline read, “Gratz Gala.”

Despite opting for less than a full-page ad, the organization successfully captured my attention. And, that’s particularly impressive considering that I’ve never had any affiliation with Gratz College or its high school. There’s an important lesson here:

With a smartly designed ad and good placement, you don’t always need to pay for a full-page to have a big impact.

The other lesson is:

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