Update: Get a Free Webinar, Magazine Article, Poll Results

I want to update you about three posts I recently published. In addition, for National Child Abuse Prevention Month, I wish to draw your attention to one of my older posts that will help you keep the children you love safe.

Free Webinar:

Did you miss it? Recently, I presented a webinar for SEI Investments Management Corporation: “Investing in Your Future: Practical Strategies for Growing Your Planned Giving Program.” If you missed the program or wish you could share it with colleagues, I have some good news for you. The webinar is now available for free download by clicking here.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • 8 reasons you should be a planned giving “opportunist”
  • Why you should invest more in planned giving instead of current giving
  • 5 Tips to boost your planned giving results immediately

In addition to the webinar itself, you’ll also be able to download additional resource materials including a list of 20 factoids about planned giving, a planned giving potential calculator, an executive summary of recent research findings from Dr. Russell James’ report “Cash is Not King in Fundraising,” and a digital copy of Dr. James’ book Visual Planned Giving: An Introduction to the Law & Taxation of Charitable Gift Planning.

Advancing Philanthropy Article:

Have you read my recent article published in Advancing Philanthropy, the Association of Fundraising Professionals magazine? “To Sir/Madam, With Love” shares stories from a number of fundraisers about their favorite teachers. Great teachers:

  • help us develop broad skills such as critical thinking,
  • help us develop specific skills such as how to write an effective appeal letter,
  • inspire us,
  • encourage us,
  • move us to think beyond ourselves and better understand others,
  • open our minds to lifelong learning,
  • motivate us to giveback by sharing our own knowledge.

After downloading the free article by clicking here, check-out my recent post that will give you tips that will help you find excellent teachers who can help you enhance your skills and inspire you: “Are You Really Just a Fundraising Amateur?”

Poll Results — Presidential Candidate Philanthropy:

Did you see the report about the charitable giving behavior of many of the 2020 presidential candidates? If you missed it, you can check it out now by clicking here. In my post about candidate philanthropy, I asked my readers, “Does the charitable giving behavior of presidential candidates influence how you will vote?” While the poll is admittedly unscientific, the results are nevertheless worth considering:

  • Yes, somewhat – 56.52%
  • Not much – 23.91%
  • Yes, very much – 17.39%
  • Not at all – 2.17%

In other words, nearly three-quarters of readers who responded say that a candidate’s level of philanthropy will very much or somewhat influence how they will vote. This could present a bit of a problem for the many presidential hopefuls whose charitable giving is well below average despite their campaign rhetoric calling for more public spending to address society’s problems.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month:

As National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) draws to a close, I want to direct you to one of my most read posts of all time: “Can You Spot a Child Molester? Discover the Warning Signs.” In the USA, one in ten children will become a victim of child sex abuse. In the vast majority of cases, the perpetrator is someone the child knows rather than a complete stranger. Therefore, to keep children safe, it’s important for us all to recognize the warning signs that could possibly identify a molester. To keep those you love safe, read the post. You can also search my site for other posts about “child sex abuse.”

How Can I Help You?:

Now, I want to take a moment to look to the future. I want to make sure that my blog remains relevant to you. So, please tell me what topics or issues you would like to see me address in the coming weeks and months.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

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