Russell James: Three for the Price of FREE!

One of the nation’s leading philanthropy researchers provides us with helpful insights about the new tax code and its impact on charitable giving. He also offers valuable information about planned giving.

Russell James, JD, PhD, CFP® articles, books, and videos will benefit any fundraising professional. Here are just three that will be a big benefit to you:

1. A Donor’s Guide to the 2018 Tax Law (video)

In just nine-and-a-half minutes, James explains how key provisions of the new tax code can benefit donors. With his insights, you’ll be in a better position to inspire more donations and larger gifts to your nonprofit organization. Simple illustrations and great examples will help you easily grasp the concepts.

Do you know?: Just one of the things you’ll learn from the video is that donors can contribute appreciated stock to avoid capital gains tax. Even non-itemizers can benefit from this. While this provision of the tax code remains unaltered, what has changed is that the new code makes this provision even more valuable for donors. James explains how in the free video:

2.Visual Planned Giving: An Introduction to the Law & Taxation of Charitable Gift Planning (e-book, updated January 2018)

I’m honored that James has allowed me to offer you a free copy of his 433-page e-book Visual Planned Giving: An Introduction to the Law & Taxation of Charitable Gift Planning. James designed the newly updated book for fundraisers and financial advisors seeking to expand their knowledge about charitable gift planning. This introductory book addresses all of the major topics in planned giving law and taxation in an accessible way.

Do you know?: Wealth is not held in cash. It’s held in assets. James has found that only one percent of financial assets are held in cash! So, if you want larger donations, you need to talk with supporters about making a planned gift from non-cash assets (e.g., stocks, personal property, real estate, retirement accounts, life insurance, etc.).

If you want to learn more about planned giving or help a colleague gain a fundamental understanding, you can download your free copy of Visual Planned Giving by clicking here.

3. American Charitable Bequest Demographics (e-book)

If you’ve ever wondered what demographic trends will affect your ability to raise money, this book is for you. In addition to learning about impactful national demographic trends, you’ll discover what triggers individuals to add or drop a planned gift to a charity. Furthermore, you’ll learn about important trends in charitable gift planning.

Do you know?: James’ research finds that the percentage of Americans with a Will or Trust has been steadily declining. In his book, you’ll discover why this is the case giving you vital insight that will help your fundraising efforts.

To get your free e-book, subscribe to my blog site in the right-hand column. You’ll then receive an email confirmation of your no-cost subscription that will contain a link to the e-book. (I acknowledge that your privacy is important, and will protect it.)

With the free materials that James generously offers, you’ll be able to generate more support for your organization while helping your donors realize their philanthropic and financial goals. Everybody wins!

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?


3 Responses to “Russell James: Three for the Price of FREE!”

  1. Good stuff. Wealth is not income.


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