Don’t Miss Out on the 8 Benefits of Engaging Donors

The following is an excerpt from my guest post that I’m honored to have published on the Bloomerang blog:

I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaningfulness.” — Dr. Ian K. Smith, celebrity physician

You will be a successful fundraising professional if you make giving fun and enjoyable for donors and engage them in ways they will find meaningful.

bullhorn-cartoon-header-bloomerangGallup, the international polling company, conducted a survey of over 17,000 American donors to better understand giving behaviors. One of Gallup’s key findings was that effective engagement leads to greater donor loyalty. Gallup’s Daniela Yu and Amy Adkins report:

“… [donors] keep going back to the causes that emotionally engage them.”

Sound engagement practices will lead to strong donor retention and increased levels of giving. For example, the simple act of engaging a donor by calling to thank her for her gift can have a profound impact. Penelope Burk in her book Donor Centered Fundraising reports that:

  • 95% of study donors stated they would appreciate a thank-you call within a day or two of the organization receiving their donation.
  • 85% said such a thank-you call would influence them to give again.
  • 84% said they would definitely or probably give a larger gift.

If a simple thank-you call can have such a significant effect, imagine what a comprehensive engagement strategy can accomplish.

Effective engagement will not only enhance donor retention and lead to increased giving, it will produce numerous additional benefits for your nonprofit organization including eight identified by Gallup. Gallup found that fully engaged donors are:

To continue reading and to discover what a Gallup poll of 17,000 donors reveals about the benefits of  “full engagement,” CLICK HERE.

My guest post is part of a special Bloomerang program that donates money to worthy charities. I thank the good folks at Bloomerang for supporting the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

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