Extra! Extra! Updates to 6 Popular Posts

Fundraising news is dynamic. It’s constantly changing. So, I thought I’d look back on some of my more popular posts of the past several months and provide you with important updates to some of those stories.

“Cheating Death”

About a year ago, I outlined my personal battle with a very rare form of cancer: Appendicial Carcinoma with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. While my recovery following last year’s 14-hour surgery has been good, I hit a bump in the road last week when a post-surgery complication sent me to the hospital for the week. That’s why I haven’t posted and haven’t engaged much on social media.

The good news is that my problem resolved naturally. Now, I’m working on regaining strength and the more than seven pounds I lost. As I return to “normal,” I’ll resume regular blogging and engagement.

I thank you for your patience and support.

“Update: Spelman College Returns Gift from Bill Cosby”

Spelman College terminated the William and Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Endowed Professorship and returned the establishing donation to the Clara Dog Reads Newspaper by Steve Eng via FlickrElizabeth Jackson Carter Foundation, established by Camille Cosby. The move comes as the negative news surrounding Bill Cosby continues to mount.

Now, Central State University in Ohio has changed the name of the Camille O. & William H. Cosby Communications Center to the CSU Communications Center. The Cosbys had given the University a donation of $2 million to name the Center. It is unclear whether or not the University has returned the contribution. The University has failed to respond to my request for more information.

“Special Report: Hillary Clinton Wants to Limit Charitable Deduction, Could Cost Charities Billions”

As the US presidential campaign season heats up, some candidates have released their tax proposals. Hillary Clinton’s plan could cost the nonprofit sector billions of dollars in voluntary contributions each year. In an unscientific reader poll, 91.67 percent of respondents said they opposed Clinton’s proposal to reduce the charitable giving deduction.

Recently, Jeb Bush released his tax plan which preserves the deduction for charitable giving as it now stands. Donald Trump’s tax proposal also preserves the charitable giving deduction.

When attempting to evaluate which tax proposals will be best for the nonprofit sector, we need to consider a number of factors:

  • Does the proposal preserve the tax deduction for charitable giving?
  • Will the proposal increase personal income?
  • Will the proposal help grow the economy?

The calculus is certainly complex. However, we do know that charitable giving incentives work, that people give more when their personal income is greater, and that charitable giving correlates closely to the growth (or decline) of Gross Domestic Product.

“Is the Facebook ‘Donate Now’ Button: Dumb or Helpful?”

Facebook recently launched a “Donate Now” call to action button. In an unscientific poll, I asked my readers, “Will your organization add a ‘Donate Now’ button to its Facebook page?” Here is how readers responded:

  • 88.24 percent said, “Yes, but we do not have high expectations for giving.”
  • 7.35 percent said, “No, we do not think it’s worthwhile.”
  • 4.41 percent said, “Yes, and we expect to generate many donations.”

The vast majority of respondents seem to believe that using the “Donate Now” button won’t hurt and could actually lead to some additional giving. However, most respondents do not have high hopes for the button.

“Do You Care If I Renew My CFRE? Vote Now.”

I have decided not to renew my CFRE. Once my renewal grace period expires, I will officially no longer be a Certified Fundraising Executive. However, I’ll continue to be the same ethical, effective fundraising professional I’ve always been.

“IRA Rollover Poised to Make a Comeback”

Okay, this one is admittedly not much of an update. However, since I continue to receive inquiries from readers about the status of the IRA Rollover, I’ll share what I know at this point. The IRA Rollover remains alive in Congress. The Senate seems to be in favor of a two-year extension while the House seems to prefer making the provision permanent. It remains to be seen which plan will prevail and whether or not President Barack Obama will sign the bill that the provision is ultimately attached to.

While I generally shy away from predicting what Congress will or won’t do, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that Congress will likely reinstate the IRA Rollover provision, though action may come very late in the year as was the case last year. You should develop a plan now so you’ll be prepared if and when the IRA Rollover is given new life.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

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  1. So glad that you are feeling better.


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