23 Sources for Powerful #Fundraising Tips that Will Get Results

Most fundraising professionals want to achieve better results. Unfortunately, finding the insights and tips that will help you enhance your development efforts is challenging. So many information resources exist. However, which sources are the best?

Last week, I reported that Fundlio created a valuable resource list: “20 Fundraising Blogs Every Nonprofit Organization Leader Should Be Reading Now.” I’m honored to have my blogsite included on the list.

Now, I’m honored to report that my blog has been included on yet another list of must-read sites. Chris Baylis of The Sponsorship Collective has written: “23 Fundraising Websites and Blogs Every Fundraiser Should Read.”

Information Hydrant by Will Lion via FlickrTo compile the list, Baylis says, “My preference is for blogs that provide good content, comic relief and tips and tricks that I can implement right away.”

Baylis has done fundraising professionals a great service by putting the list together. While his list is not exhaustive, as he himself admits, it is certainly another great place to start if you’re looking for wisdom in the vast sea of information on the Internet. I encourage you to checkout the list and visit some of the blogs with which you might not yet be familiar.

I also invite you to post a comment below to share your favorite blogsites if they did not make The Sponsorship Collective list.

If you’re looking for easy-to-implement tips for getting more planned gifts, I invite you to checkout my book Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing, available in paperback and Kindle. This best-selling book has earned the AFP-Skystone Prize for Research in Fundraising and Philanthropy, and is on the official CFRE Resource Reading List.

To find books that will inspire you and help you get better results, visit The Nonprofit Bookstore (powered by Amazon). You’ll find titles “Readers Recommend,” the “AFP/Wiley Development Series” books, “Our Favorite Picks,” and more. A portion of all purchases are donated to charity.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

3 Responses to “23 Sources for Powerful #Fundraising Tips that Will Get Results”

  1. Looking forward to checking out those books. Thanks for sharing!


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