20 Fundraising Blogsites that Will Help You Get Results

I must admit that I don’t usually have much interest in “Best of…” or “Top…” lists. However, if I’ve had direct experience with the people or organizations on the list or if I find myself included, I’ll take notice.

fundraising-blogsThat was recently the case when I read “20 Fundraising Blogs Every Nonprofit Organization Leader Should Be Reading Now,”  an article written by Fundlio, a company offering custom mobile giving apps for nonprofit organizations and churches.

On the list, I found a number of blogsites I regularly visit and respect. And I was honored to find my own site among the top 20 blogs mentioned. While there are some first-rate blogs that did not make it on to the list, Fundlio has done fundraising professionals a great service by compiling the list.

While the Fundlio list is not exhaustive, it is certainly a great place to start if you’re looking for meaningful advice in the vast blizzard of information on the Internet. I encourage you to checkout the list and visit some of the blogs with which you might not yet be familiar.

To view the list of the top 20 fundraising blogs, click here.

I also invite you to post a comment below to share your favorite blogsites if they did not make the Fundlio list.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

3 Responses to “20 Fundraising Blogsites that Will Help You Get Results”

  1. Grateful for sharing this information and I am sure you remember me. 🙂 God bless the work of your hands abundantly. Kindly like my blog too.


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