Special Report: Watch This Fun Video about Monthly Giving

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Experts have been telling nonprofit organizations for decades to start a monthly giving program.

Have you listened? Does your nonprofit organization have a monthly giving program?

If you do run a monthly giving program, great! Please share a comment below about the effectiveness of your program or what advice you have for others.

If your organization does not have a monthly giving program, why not? Please use the comment section below to let me know.

The first time I recommended monthly giving programs was way back in 1989. In an article I wrote for The Donor Developer newsletter, I even predicted that virtually all charities would have a monthly giving program within five years. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I shouldn’t have been wrong, but I was. Now, 26 years later, I’m still amazed at how many organizations have failed to adopt a monthly giving program.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in my frustration. A number of other fundraising experts share my consternation:

Recently, the team at Sumac, the nonprofit software company, invited the four us to share our thoughts about monthly giving in a special video. In this two-minute, light-hearted presentation, we come clean about how we feel when you ignore our advice to start a monthly giving program. We also tell you, one more time, why you must start one today. Watch it now:

So, what do you think of the video? If it made you smile and think about monthly giving, please share it with others.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

13 Responses to “Special Report: Watch This Fun Video about Monthly Giving”

  1. I shake my head at you, you silly nonprofits!

    • Clay, thanks for commenting. Nonprofits never cease to amaze me. Often, they amaze me for the wonderful things they accomplish with limited resources. Other times, they amaze me in sad ways when become their own worst enemies.

  2. Love the video — sharing it with our team! Do you have favorite resources for HOW TO start a monthly giving program? Thanks.

    • Marianne, thank you for your question. Harvey McKinnon and Erica Waasdorp have each written superb books about monthly giving programs. I provide links to their books by their names in the main blog text above or you may click on their names in my response here to be taken to their book pages at Amazon. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, and that it inspired you to learn more about monthly giving.

  3. I’m hoping this is just me… but I get the music in the video but non of the dialogue.

    • Kate, thank you for letting me know you’re having some difficulty with the video. I’m sorry to hear that you had a problem. After receiving your message, I re-tested the video using the following web browsers on my computer: Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. I found that the audio and the video worked fine in all. I have not tested the video on a smartphone or tablet.

      I should point out that the music alone plays for the first 30 seconds. After that, the voices are heard.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know what else to tell you other than you might want to try watching the video from another computer.

      Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Michael, being older than you I was preaching monthly giving in my seminars in 1982, and wrote Hidden Gold in 1988, printed in 1989. So, I feel even more frustrated (and older) than you to still see that many non-profits have failed to enthusiastically embrace monthly giving.

    Thanks for the book link.

    BUT one comment on the Hidden Gold book. The publisher neglected to pay me royalties and then sold all the stock to someone in Asia. Hence I get paid nothing for the book. A drag.

    However, I have the only e-book version available on my site, should people want a copy. And I donate all profits and royalties form my books to non-profits. http://harveymckinnon.com/product/hidden-gold-ebook

    • Harvey, thank you for your contribution to the world of fundraising and philanthropy. I also thank you for being a cheerleader for monthly giving. While you might not have been the first monthly giving cheerleader, you were certainly the first one I heard of. Your message made it through to me and, without a doubt, a great many others. Unfortunately, your cheerleading work is not done. I was honored to be on the video with you. I hope we’ve brought some more folks into the monthly giving fold.

  5. And let me thank you for your many contributions as well. Spy magazine would call it: Logrolling in our time, but you deserve to be thanked-and often.


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