Will You Help Me Celebrate My (Re)birthday?

On May 2, I began my month-long (re)birthday celebration. One year ago, I underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove the rare cancer that had spread throughout my abdomen. The surgery was a success, and I am now in remission!

First Birthday Balloons by akadruid via FlickrPrior to surgery, I was told my life expectancy would be about two to five years. Following surgery, my doctor told me I can expect a full life. That’s why I consider May 2 my (re)birthday.

Having gone through what I have during the past year, I’m returning to professional life with a reinvigorated commitment to help the nonprofit community be more efficient and effective so we can make the world a better place.

I’m doing a number of private and public things this month to celebrate. While I normally ensure that my blog site remains largely non-commercial, I’m making an exception with this post because I want to enlist your help as I mark this important time in my life.

There are a number of ways you can join my (re)birthday celebration:

New Clients. I’m looking for at least three new clients. If you’ve found my blog posts helpful, imagine what we can achieve by working closely together, as some readers have already discovered. If you work for a nonprofit organization, I can help you with annual fund enhancements, donor retention efforts, ethics education and policy development, phone fundraising improvements, planned gift marketing, and training for staff and/or boards. If you work for a for-profit company serving the nonprofit sector, I can help you with service/product enhancements, new service/product development, and marketing.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

Paid Speaking Engagements. As part of my return to professional life, I’m looking forward to getting back out on the speaking circuit. I’m an experienced, well-reviewed presenter and AFP Master Trainer. I’m also an adjunct faculty member at Drexel University where I teach Advanced Fund Development to graduate students. For your organization, I can facilitate a variety of training programs for your board, staff, or volunteers. For your professional associations, I can offer a variety of seminars or keynote presentations to meet the group’s needs and particular interests.

Click here for examples of some of my presentations. Then, contact me to discuss one of those options or to talk about a completely customized seminar. I’m available for paid domestic and international engagements. Unfortunately, I’m already committed for my quota of pro-bono engagements for the year.

Book Sales. My book, Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing, continues to sell well, frequently breaking into the Top 50 on Amazon’s nonprofit book ranking. I’m honored to have earned the AFP-Skystone Prize for Fundraising and Philanthropy for the book, and to have the book included on the official CFRE International Resource Reading List. The book is available on Kindle and in paperback.

Here’s what H.F. (Gerry) Lenfest, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and member of the Bill Gates Giving Pledge initiative, has to say about my book:

I would like to see nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and their key board members embrace the essential knowledge this book contains on how to create and improve a most critical component to every organization’s development effort—a donor-centered planned gift marketing program.”

If you haven’t read my book, I hope you’ll pick up a copy today. If you already own a copy, I hope you’ll consider buying one for your favorite charity, colleague, or board members. You might also want to browse The Nonprofit Bookstore (powered by Amazon) to explore the various categories including “Readers Recommend” and “AFP/Wiley Development Series.” Then, stay tuned. I’m currently working on my next title.

Join Me In New York. Last year, I was scheduled to speak at the Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York Planned Giving Day Conference. Unfortunately, because of my health challenge, I had to cancel. It was difficult for me. It was the first time in my professional life that I had to cancel a public appearance. Now, on May 28, my return to the public speaking circuit will take place in New York at, you guessed it, the 2015 PPGGNY Planned Giving Day Conference. I’ll be serving as the plenary speaker, and will present: “Ripped from the Headlines: Learning from the Planned Giving Mistakes of Others.” I’ll also be doing a book signing.

PPGGNY has lined up a stellar group of speakers for the Conference. So, if you’re in New York or can get there at the end of the month, I hope you’ll register for it. And if you do attend, please be sure to say hello.

As I continue to celebrate my (re)birthday and recommitment to my professional life, I hope you’ll join the celebration. Together, we can achieve great things and have fun doing it.

Thank you for letting me share this slightly unusual post with you. I promise you that my next post will be a return to my normal content.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

25 Responses to “Will You Help Me Celebrate My (Re)birthday?”

  1. Michael – Happy Re-Birthday! Wonderful that you’re in remission and ready to work. The nonprofit sector is lucky to have you back!

  2. A great post, Michael – congratulations, and here’s to that full life!

    Until we cross paths – and I mean this literally! – be well!

  3. Michael, I am so glad you are well! What an ordeal you’ve been through. It is always wonderful to see your Posts and, as Amy said, we are all lucky to have you back! Happy, Happy Re-Birthday!

  4. Michael: Congratulations! I’ll be there at the PPGGNY Planned Giving Day and look forward to giving you a celebratory hug. Welcome back!

    • Margaret, thank you for your very nice message. I was already looking forward to the PPGGNY Planned Giving Day. Now, I’m looking forward to that bonus hug! I’m looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

  5. HAPPY RE-BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! I look for your blog every month with anticipation and am thrilled your health has improved. You were missed last year. Take good care, keep posting, and I will advance your name to my colleagues on the CT AFP Philanthropy Day Committee.

  6. Congratulations on your re-birthday celebration! The world of fundraising is a better place because of you!!

  7. Happy ReBirthday, Michael! I couldn’t be happier for you. I felt the loss to the community when you contracted the disease last year, and to have you back with us is a true blessing. Live long and prosper!

    • Claire, thank you for your touching comment and ongoing encouragement. Now that I have a handle on the “live long” part, I’m trying to tackle the “prosper.” 🙂 Oh, and have fun along the way!

  8. I was moved by your sharing, Michael. Thank you for it. We never know what others are dealing with. And thank you for your super posts overall.

  9. Happy ReBirthday! I can’t help you in any the four areas you mentioned, but can help lift you spirits by treating you to an adult beverage, or two.

  10. Happy Re-Birthday! So you have prevailed. I’m with Claire, “Live long and prosper.”

  11. Wishing you a Very Happy Re-Birthday, Michael. Can’t wait to help you celebrate at Planned Giving Day in NYC on May 28th!

    • Meryl, thank you for the good wishes! I’m looking forward to being with you and your colleagues for Planned Giving Day in NYC. It looks like it will be a fun day filled with valuable information from a terrific line-up of speakers.

  12. Congratulations, Michael! So happy your story has a happy ending. Happy Re-Birthday. Here’s wishing you success as you get back in the saddle!


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