Open Letter to My Readers Outside of North America

I’m honored to have thousands of readers who visit my blog site each month. I thank you all for your interest. I also appreciate your comments.

I recently did a readership analysis and discovered that I have a large number of readers from outside of North America. And, I’m not just talking about countries where English is the official language. I’m delighted to have a diverse group of readers.

While I invite all of my readers to contact me through a blog comment or by email, I’d especially like to hear from my international readers:


    • What fundraising and nonprofit management issues are of greatest interest to you?
    • How can I better meet your needs?
    • What are the greatest challenges you face?

I look forward to hearing from you.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

4 Comments to “Open Letter to My Readers Outside of North America”

  1. One thing I’m often asked is “how can we get our board more engaged, more proactive in asking for support for our organization” – maybe this is something you could write on.

  2. Around the world the tax laws are quite different to those in the US. In Australia we don’t (currently) have death duties so there isn’t the same financial incentive to leave a bequest as there might be in other countries. I would be interested in reading more about ways to approach people regarding bequests that are not related to financial benefits.

    • Sharon, thank you for the good suggestion! I’ll work on it. For now, I just want to point out that while US tax policy might inspire donors to consider a planned gift, it does not influence where they will make that gift. Donors get receive the same tax treatment regardless of what nonprofit organization they support. So, tax policy is only part of the story in the US.

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