Special Report: Indiana University Creating School of Philanthropy

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Indiana University, home of the internationally respected Center on Philanthropy, is in the process of creating a School of Philanthropy that will grant undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In his September 2011 State of the University Address: Defining the 21st Century Public University, Michael A. McRobbie, President of Indiana University, said, “Based on our internationally acclaimed Center on Philanthropy, we are also moving to establish a full-fledged School of Philanthropy.”

In May 2012, the University granted Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philanthropic Studies to five students. These are believed to be the first-ever undergraduate degrees presented for Philanthropic Studies. The Philanthropic Studies program is, in part, now part of the nonprofit management program in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The University Trustees are currently looking at how to transition the Philanthropic Studies program to its own school.

Eugene R. Tempel

As part of the transition effort, the University announced today that, “after four years as Indiana University Foundation President, Eugene R. Tempel will be returning to the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University as a Senior Fellow to play a major role in the University’s effort to establish a new School of Philanthropy.” Tempel served as the Center’s Executive Director for 11 years before joining the Indiana University Foundation staff in 2008.

The establishment of a School of Philanthropy at Indiana University is an important development for the nonprofit sector. It will be interesting to see how the School develops and whether it inspires the creation of similar schools at other universities.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say? 

3 Responses to “Special Report: Indiana University Creating School of Philanthropy”

  1. I think this is a great idea. I know Gene and his dedication to teaching and philatnropic studies. As a graduate of EMI and ELI, I know Gene and Pat will weld a strong base to provide our profession with its future leaders. I only hope that the curriculum includes “in the trenches” experience as interns as a graduation requirement. I see too many nonprofit management students graduate and have no clue about the real world.

    • Tom, thank you for commenting. Currently, undergraduate students in the IU Philanthropic Studies program are required to do at least one internship. I suspect that when the School of Philanthropy is created, that requirement will remain. You’re quite correct: Both knowledge and experience are essential.


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