Special Report: Academy Awards of Nonprofit Books and Other Honors

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I was honored to be recognized recently by the Nonprofit Community blog site in its post “Our Academy Awards of Nonprofit Books.” My book, Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing, the winner of the 2011 AFP-Skystone Partners Prize for Research in Fundraising and Philanthropy, was recognized along with four other award winning books in the areas of fundraising and nonprofit management.

Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing was also recognized on the Tri-Point Fundraising blog site in Amy Eisenstein’s post “A New Resource for Donor-Centered Planned Giving.” I appreciate Amy’s wonderful review of my book.

In other news, Michael Rosen Says… received a much-appreciated tip-of-the-hat from Fundraising Success magazine. My recent post, “Overcoming the 9 Fundraising NOs” was named one of “Today’s Featured Blog Posts.”

The Business of Giving and Michael Chatman Giving Show recently honored me by placing me and my consulting practice, ML Innovations, Inc., on its list of “Top 30 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants.” I’m touched to be included on a list that includes so many legendary names in fundraising.

I was also honored to be interviewed for an article for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. I was quoted in “Komen vs. Planned Parenthood Fallout Will Make Cancer Group Work Harder, Experts Say” after my blog post, “Does Komen Have a Communications or Integrity Problem?”, caught the attention of staffers at The Chronicle.

My Komen post was also recognized by Amy Stephan in her article “Nonprofits and Social Media: Why Silence is Not Always Golden” for the WindMill Networking blog. I appreciate the mention and her terrific contribution to the discussion.

I think I might actually be blushing. I appreciate all the recognition I’ve received in the past few weeks. And, I greatly appreciate the support of all my clients, contributing writers, and readers, without whom, none of this recognition would have been possible.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

2 Comments to “Special Report: Academy Awards of Nonprofit Books and Other Honors”

  1. Congrats on your recognition, Michael. Well deserved!

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