Special Report: Blackbaud Acquires Convio

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Blackbaud announced this week that it has acquired rival Convio for $312 million. Blackbaud, with 25,000 customers, is recognized as the leading back-end technology solution for nonprofit organizations. Convio, with 1,500 customers, is best known for its web-based relationship management systems, particularly for advocacy and peer-to-peer fundraising.

It remains to be seen what the impact of the deal will be on the nonprofit sector and how long it will take the sector to feel the impact.

For more information about the sale itself, you can read the news article from The Statesman, the newspaper from Austin, TX, home of Convio. 

For a terrific analysis of what the acquisition might mean for the nonprofit sector, you can read the post at Your Part Matters, the blog site of Jeff Shuck, President and CEO of Event 360.

That’s what Michael Rosen says… What do you say?

8 Comments to “Special Report: Blackbaud Acquires Convio”

  1. Blackbaud’s acquiring Convio? No kidding. So what’s for dinner? Oh, no, not meatloaf again!

    • Jeff, thanks for being the first to comment on this post. I’m not sure what your issue with meatloaf is. But, if you don’t just love meatloaf, you only have yourself to blame. You need to have a collection of meatloaf recipes like I do. I even have the spectacular Roy’s restaurant meatloaf recipe. Yum!

      • I guess “Ho, hum” might have more clearly expressed my exhilaration at the news. I have to work on my delivery. Log on to “Old Jews Telling Jokes,” and you’ll see far better talent.

      • Jeff, thanks for the tip about the website “Old Jews Telling Jokes.” If you need a meatloaf recipe, just let me know. As for the “Ho, Hum” view of the Blackbaud-Convio deal, I actually find it more interesting than that. Many nonprofits use both systems. If the acquisition leads to those systems working more seamlessly, it will really make an operational difference. Of course, there are also other implications, some potentially good and some not.

  2. Now, the question is, will Microsoft or some other eat Blackbaud?

    • Steve, thanks for commenting. Given the size and market domination of the new Blackbaud/Convio, I would be surprised if someone at Microsoft was not looking at the company. The technology field in general is volatile. Technology companies serving the nonprofit sector are not exempt.

  3. Michael,
    While the acquistion of Convio was a surprise, it does not bode well for the combined “BBC” customers. As we’ve seen, both BB and Convio have been slow to innovate as they digest their previous acquisitions. Further, Convio shouted the loudest with their Salesforce CRM offering, but there are now many of us who can also integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs (including bridges with RaisersEdge). NPO’s will have to continue to look at the more entrepreneurial (non Wall Street or investor funded) software providers to truly provide cost-effective, innovative fundraising solutions. I’m quite confident this is where true innovation is happening. Good news for all but the top 20 NPO’s, they do have choices and they will seek them out and switch.

    • Todd, thank you for adding your perspective to the conversation. I can see possible pros and possible cons to the Blackbaud acquisition of Convio. Time will tell if the pros or cons will outweigh the other. Fortunately, there are smaller technology companies operating in the sector that will either develop innovative solutions themselves and/or encourage Blackbaud to be innovative in order to remain competitive.

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