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December 1, 2011

And, the Championship Title Goes to…

What’s in a name? For William Shakespeare, perhaps not much. After all, the Bard wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But, when it comes to the term “planned giving,” maybe a name does matter.

In one of my blog posts early last month, I explored “Is it Time to Dump ‘Planned Giving’?” I looked at the relative value of using the over-arching term “planned giving” compared to other terms, particularly from the perspective of Search Engine Optimization. My conclusion was in favor of “planned giving.”

While “planned giving” might be the most effective term for SEO purposes, Pam Milczarski, one of my readers wondered if it is the best term for use in a job title. If only 37 percent of Americans say they are familiar with the term “planned giving” (Stelter), is it really the best name for what we do? In other words, does the job title “Director of Planned Giving” really mean anything to donors and prospects? Is there a more meaningful job title?

Conversely, I began to wonder whether there are truly terrible job titles. Can some job titles actually engender a negative reaction from the public? For example, based on nothing more than personal feeling, I can’t stand the title “Planned Giving Officer.” It seems organization-focused, officious, and almost militant. 

So, I pose these questions to you:

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