Special Report: Important Updates to Two Prior Posts

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I recently did a blog post titled “Charitable Gift Annuities: How Much Are You Leaving on the Table?” In response, Stephen Kull of Eastern Illinois University raised some questions about risk management and the Insured Gift Annuity Program offered by Morgan Stanley. I, in turn, raised the issues on GIFT-PL, the listserve of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, and on the Yahoo Planned Giving Group listserve. You can find Kull’s comment and the responses we received in the comments section of the post.

This past Spring, I wrote a blog post titled “Should Your Legacy Society be Inclusive or Exclusive?” In that post, I criticized the Association of Fundraising Professionals Foundation for considering a measure that would increase the minimum threshold for recognition in the legacy society from $5,000 to $10,000. I argued that even the minimum requirement made the legacy society exclusive when it should really be inclusive. I am happy to report that the AFP Foundation decided not to increase the minimum threshold. Unfortunately, they also decided not to eliminate the $5,000 minimum requirement. I thank Robert N. Croft, CFRE, an AFP Foundation board member, who provided an update to my original post. You can find Croft’s detailed update in the comments section of the post.

I thank everyone who shares their comments and insights. I particularly appreciate the individuals who have made these two particular updates possible.

That’s what Michael Rosen Says… What do you say?

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