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April 28, 2011

5 Must-Do Tips for Fundraisers from a Major Philanthropist

In my previous blog post, I focused on the advice donors themselves provided for how nonprofit organizations can enhance their planned gift marketing efforts. The seven tips they provided covered things that organizations should embrace. For this post, I want to share some wisdom from Peter Benoliel, Chairman-Emeritus of Quaker Chemical, who is a generous philanthropist and recipient of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Greater Philadelphia’s Legacy Award for Planned Giving Philanthropist. Benoliel offers five development tips for every development officer, as an individual:

Development professionals, senior staff, and volunteer leadership should be passionate about the organization and its mission.

If you’re not able to be passionate about the organization you represent, how can you be effective? You can’t. So, either get passionate or get out. Prospective donors will take their cue from you. If you’re not genuinely passionate about the organization, they won’t be either. Be passionate, and share your passion. When you do, just be sure to be sincere since prospective donors can smell pretense a mile away.

Staff and volunteer fundraisers should be morally armed by making their own donation first.

Yes, I know. Your organization is probably not paying you enough. But, you’ve still decided to work there. And, donors, like Benoliel, expect you to support the organization with a donation. They feel that since you have a vested interest in its well-being, you should support the organization before asking them to do so. If you don’t care enough, why should they?

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